MARMOCRYL SILICONE Fine Silicone, pasty, water-repellent render. Smooth finish

  • Kuvaus


Silicone, pasty, white or colored render with smooth finish. Characterized by extreme hydrophobia and excellent vapor permeability. Suitable for creating a smooth surface. Eliminates the need for facade painting. Thanks to its high elasticity and excellent bonding to the surface, it is ideal as final coating in constructions that will be externally thermal-insulated. Certified according to EN 15824. CE marked. Colors: White and selected colors from ISOMAT COLOR SYSTEM. Recommended thickness: MARMOCRYL SILICONE Fine 1 mm: 1 mm. MARMOCRYL SILICONE Fine 1.5 mm: 1.5 mm. MARMOCRYL SILICONE Fine 2 mm: 2 mm.
Consumption: Approx. 1.8 kg/m²/mm of render thickness.
MARMOCRYL SILICONE Fine colors may appear slightly different from those of exterior paints, because of the render’s texture.


Technical Datasheet