MEGACRET-40 GEO High strength, eco-friendly repairing geo-mortar

  • Kuvaus


High strength, fast-setting, fiber-reinforced geo-mortar for highly demanding concrete repairs. It is eco-friendly, enriched with natural binders and minimum synthetic polymers. Its special additives penetrate deep into concrete and form a protective layer on the steel reinforcement’s surface. They also reduce the concrete’s porosity and thus increase its water impermeability, preventing the penetration of substances that could corrode the steel reinforcement. Applied in layers of up to 40 mm, by trowel or pneumatically. Certified according to EN 1504-3 and classified as PCC R4 mortar for concrete repairs. CE marked. Color: Grey. Consumption: Approx. 17.0 kg/m²/cm of layer thickness.


Technical Datasheet