MULTIFILL-EPOXY THIXO Two-component epoxy grout and tile adhesive

  • Kuvaus


Two-component, solvent-free epoxy system. Applied wherever high mechanical and chemical resistance is required. Ideally combined with special tiles for industrial use. Suitable for fixing wall and floor tiles and pointing tile joints in industrial spaces, like breweries, dairy shops, swimming pools, kitchens etc. It has excellent workability and is easily cleaned with water, before it hardens. Suitable for joint widths 1.5-12 mm. Certified according to EN 13888 and classified as RG tile grout. Also certified according to EN 12004 and classified as R2T adhesive. CE marked. Colors: White, grey, light grey, black, bahama beige. Other colors upon order placement (minimum quantity 120 kg). Consumption: 0.2-5.0 kg/m².


Technical Datasheet